I agree to be bound by the current ISAF Racing Rules of sailing, my Class Rules (except as any of these are changed by the Sailing Instructions), the event sailing instructions and any local sailing instructions that may apply. I further declare that for the period of the event, my craft will be covered by insurance for racing and has Third Party Liability cover of € 1.500,000 (or equivalent in pounds sterling) I agree that the safety of a boat and her entire management including insurance shall be the sole responsibility of the owner / person in charge of a boat who must ensure that the boat and crew are adequate to face the conditions that may arise in the course of the race or races. Neither these sailing instructions nor any inspection of the boat limits or reduces the absolute responsibility of the owner / person in charge for the crew, the boat and her management. The Race Organisers shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury howsoever caused, to the owner / person in charge or crew of a boat as a result of their taking part in the race or races. Moreover, every owner / person in charge of a boat warrants the suitability of the boat for the race or races by signing this entry by the helm and crew they except sailing can be dangerous.

I am a member of my Class Association or will join my Class Association (The fee regarding your Class Association), which I will show to the register counter at the venue location.

Parent or Guardian Declaration (Crew)

(required if date of birth is after July 30th 1998)

Under the law, this crew is my dependent and I accept the notice of race and the entry disclaimer (above), which exclude my dependent’s right to claim compensation in certain circumstances. I confirm that my dependent is competent to take part and that I am responsible for my dependent throughout the event. During the time my dependent is afloat I will be in or around the regatta center in Scharbeutz or I will inform the race office in writing who is acting in loco parentis during my absence. Attached to this for I handed out the Parents form or it has been sent via mail before.